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Kutschenbilder und Dokumente der Sammlung Siegward Tesch in Wiehl

PDF: The Illustrated Carriage

This book focuses on the paintings, drawings, prints, books and carriage catalogues from the early days of modern vehicle use to the golden age of horse-drawn carriages around 1900. The carriage illustrations are part of the private collection belonging to Siegward Tesch, who has recently completed his Coach House in Wiehl near Cologne comprising over sixty town and sporting vehicles.

Andres Furger was born in 1948 in Basel, Switzerland. At university he studied pre- and early history, archaeology and anthropology and gained his doctorate with his thesis about the excavations at Basel cathedral. From 1981 until 1986 he was Curator and Deputy Director of the History Museum in Basel. In 1987 he was made Director of the Swiss National Museums, which has its headquarters in Zürich, a position he held until 2006. In 2006 he launched the publishing house ‘Edition Furger’. From 2011 until 2014 he was Director oft he Alimentarium in Vevey a Nestlé Foundation.

Andres Furgern, father of three children, is author of the some books as:

  • «Kutschen und Schlitten in der Schweiz» (1993)
  • «Der rote Faden. Von der Redensart zum Geschichtsbild» (1995)
  • «Das Bild der Seele – im Spiegel der Jahrtausende» (1997)
  • «Ateliergespräche mit Hans Erni» (1998).
  • „Kutschen Europas“ (2003/2004)
  • „Übrigens bin ich der Meinung …“ (2005)
  • „In der Kutsche durch die Schweiz“ (2006)
  • The Elegant Art of Riding and Driving (2006)
  • Driving – The Horse, the Man and the Carriage from 1700 up to the present Day (2009).
  • Die Kutschensammlung Heinz Scheidel Mannheim (2011)
  • The Illustrated Carriage and Documents from the Collection of Siegward Tesch in Wiehl (2015).